25 pairs suitable for: Shimano XTR, XT, SLX, Deore Disc Brakes


Miles Racing Factory Pack

Do you have a workshop, bike centre, racing team  or just a really big family and you go through heaps of braking material? 
Then we have the solution for your needs.

The factory pack removes all of the extra packaging. Just a simple box with the ingridents to your needs. No more extra rubbish! 

Factory Packs are not only envormentally friendly but ecomically better with workshop prices.



Give your Shimano XTR, XT, SLX, or 2-piston brake system a refresh with new brake pads. Choose from organic (resin), semi-metallic, or sintered compounds depending on your riding style and terrain. These brake pads are a direct replacement for a number of Shimano systems, including:

  • Shimano XTR 2011+ 2-piston caliper
  • Shimano XT 2012+ 2-piston caliper
  • Shimano SLX 2012+ 2-piston caliper
  • Shimano CX75 mechanical
  • NEW Shimano Deore M6100 2-piston caliper

Each set includes pads and a spring to replace the brake pads on one caliper.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Semi-metallic brake pads are an all-round solution for most common conditions, where brakes are not getting extremely hot. They work best for dirt jumping, cross country and lighter enduro rides with shorter downhill segments. They'll even be more than capable for downhill riders who aren't standing on the brakes all the way down, or for lighter riders.

With a high percentage of iron and copper added to the resin in the compound, semi-metallic pads offer a longer life and more heat resistance compared to organic disc brake pads. The metal compounds add longevity and the resin allows for the pad to have high friction against the brake rotor right away.

Because of this, you'll notice semi-metallic brake pads have a stronger initial bite when you begin to pull the brake lever. If you prefer your brakes to grab and feel strong from the start, semi-metallic pads should be your first choice.  


- Great initial bite - Wears faster than sintered
- Easy to break-in - Not ideal for adverse conditions (wet, mud, etc.)
- Quieter  


Brand Miles Racing

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